New Paver Walkway and New Sod

A handicap access walkway and a lot of new sod!

This was a big sod job, so not the most visually exciting project, hence the few pictures. There was a fun twist though! Our customer is getting up there in years, and uses a walker. They were having trouble getting out of the car and to the house. (Note the handicap sign) For access, we would install a paver landing so that she could more easily use the walker. Not only do we get to make a yard beautiful, but also increase somebody’s quality of life. Nice!

The entire front yard is new sod, wrapping around the side. We did some other small improvements, such as fresh mulch, new flagstone step stones, and metal edging. Everything came together very nicely! Thanks guys, and I hope the new yard and walkway improve your day to day lives for years to come!

Paver Walkway Under Construction

Finished With New Sod

New Metal Edging, Flagstone, Mulch, and Sod