Landscaping Services

Serving the Bend, Redmond, and Sisters Area

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Design + Build

Planning your project

From start to finish we take your idea and turn it into a reality. After an initial consultation, we use the latest software to create a design based on your ideas. We'll work with you until you are satisfied with your plan. We will be directly in touch throughout the installation process.

Fine Pruning

Trees, Hedges, Ornamentals, and Fruit Trees

Pruning is the art and science of trimming trees for both health and aesthetics. Without an experienced pruner, you can permanently disfigure or worse, kill a plant. Likewise, an experienced pruner can really bring out the best in your trees! Let us take your ornamental trees, hedges, or fruit trees to the next level! Tree pruning is best done in winter months when trees are in dormancy.

Irrigation Install and Repair

Sprinklers, drip systems, irrigation repair

Central Oregon can be dry. Real dry! While there are some natives that do well once established, there are a lot of really cool plants that do really well in the high desert, if given a bit of extra water. Whether you have an existing system that you want to update, or you want a brand-new system, give us a call for a free consultation.

Retaining Walls

Timbers, pavers, flagstone, and dry lay walls

Houses situated on steep slopes may benefit, or even require, a retaining wall. Retaining walls come in many forms. Timbers, Precast paver blocks, and natural or cut stone to name a few. Regardless of what medium you choose, it is important to get an expert. Retaining walls can be expensive, but bring a lot to your yard aesthetically, as well as significantly increase the usable space.


Flagstone and paver patios

Patios can turn a backyard into another room of your house. We offer design and installation of natural flagstone and paver patios. Flagstone offers a natural modern look, with pieces being custom fitted together. Pavers offer a set pattern, with a large variety of color options. Patios add to the usable space of your house as well as property values.

Lawns (no maintenance)

New lawns with either seed or sod

We replace and install new turf lawns! We offer both grass seed and sod installation. Either can be a good solution depending on your needs. A new lawn can be quite an undertaking. If necessary, we remove the old sod. Then after tilling in new soil, grading, compacting, and adding fertilizer and lime, we lay down the new seed or sod. Turf lawns can transform an outdoor space into a green fluffy oasis which can provide a great area for relaxation, pets, or family play.


Custom low voltage lighting systems

Few things are as breathtaking as a well lit garden at night. Path lighting can create a dreamlike experience and provide functional lighting for night time visits. Spotlighting can create dramatic accents on specimen plants, and flood lighting can highlight areas of gardens as well as light areas for outdoor living areas. Low voltage lighting systems operate on timers or sensors, and can be very energy efficient with new LED bulbs. We can design a custom lighting plan to turn your garden into an experience that can be enjoyed anytime of day.